Sunday, October 3, 2010

No turning back....not this time

Whew...a month in and it has not be an easy 30 days, but its getting there.  I know you are wondering what I am talking about...well I am talking about my "Lifestyle change" and not just a diet I have started eating better, working out more and I am feeling great. September 1, myself along with my co-workers started a weight loss challenge that will be going on for a total of 8 weeks.  There is a montetary prize of $400.00 (1st place), $60.00(2nd place) and $20.00(3rd place), so you know I am reaching for number #1.  Now, if for some reason I do not make it in the top three, please know I am still a WINNER.  Simply because, I would have lost weight, gained higher self-esteem(which I once had) and have become healthier. 

I could not have done well, thus far without my support team.  These are the people who literally push and remind me everyday why I am doing this...they walk with me every Saturday at Stone Mountain Park (at 6:30am), send me healthy recipes, send an email or text just to say "keep up the good work or it's okay if I fall off a day", and so much more...and please believe all this helps me to keep pushing.  When the challenge is over, I will then give them all shout-outs.

We are now 4 weeks into the weight challenge and 4 more weeks to go and I am looking forward to the newer healthier and smaller me.  I can't wait to make my doctor appointment so that I can get on the scale and make my doctor day, as she will not have to tell me that I need to "lose weight".  She has been asking me to lose weight for the last few years now-I guess I'm finally listening to her. :). 

I am also thinking of doing something for myself each time I make my monthly goal, and something real big when I reach my ultimate goal.  Any Suggestions??

Loving the healthier me..........


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