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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Relationships...what can I say they take alot of work and dedication from both people involved. I have been single for a long, long time. No, awww's, because its what I needed to get back to being me and to focus on what I didn't do in my last relationship so that I won't make the same mistakes in the next relationship.  I'm single partly, because when the time come for me to be in a healthy relationship, I want to put forth effort in making the relationship work.  I'm just going to touch on where I'm going with this....

Just here recently I was re-introduced to a guy, I will call him WC (white chocolate), yes he has a little hood about him (not bad hood), but other charaterisitcs out weighs that, so I can get over that part.  We've been in touch and talking often since May.  As time went on we started growing feelings for each other and was possibly thinking of going in the way of starting an relationship.  I was ready.  Well as time went by our conversation time was lacking some, but not on my part.  On a few occassions the time length of not talking would be atleast two weeks--not acceptable. After speaking to WC about it, we discussed the problem with the hopes of it not happening again.  Weeks go by and we are good, talking everyday like adults who want a healthy relationship.  Well just here recently he pulled that same old "not calling" but this time it was a week...still not acceptable.

So, after not talking for a week, WC calls as if we had just talked last night. Huh!? So, I listened to what all the things he was saying that was going on with him, nothing different than what I do now, hell I do more. So, he went on and on about work and school and this was the reason he could not call me for a week....PUT FORTH SOME EFFORT if  you want anything to work. I am willing to put forth effort to make a relationship work even if it mean compromising my sleep just to talk to him....I just ask, do the same if this is what you want.

I'm just saying.....


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