Sunday, September 12, 2010

GOALS, how many of us have them?

Over the last few months I have been constantly thinking on how I can better myself in different areas of my life.  I think we all should consider this at one point or another.  During this process I have broken down four areas that I will be concentrating on. They are my GOALS. My Goals are in no particular order.

This area is where I will concentrate on my health (losing weight, getting my cholesterol under normal numbers), getting my finances in order (saving money and investing) and family and friends (building stronger bonds)

After being out of high school for many years, I decided I needed to do something different, so I enrolled in Atlanta Technical College, majoring in Marketing Management with concentration in Fashion. Upon completion there I will be attending another university enrolling in their Communication Program.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a nurse. I used to see my older sister in her white dress and white hat (she's not that old, lol) I was so fascinated by her uniform that I thought it was what I wanted to be, well as I got older I couldn't take the sight of someone else's blood, but I still wanted to work in the healthcare field, so I decided to work on the administrative side.  Now my dream is to work in Public Relations.

This is the one goal I have to do better in-and I will.  The reason is due to lack of time that I have. I believe in helping and giving back to the community as well as volunteering at organizations, wheather its financially or time given, It's a must that I do.

What are your GOALS?



  1. All these goals sounds great! Question: what made you minor in fashion then later deciding to go into Public Health? What's your true dreams?

  2. First, Thank you for reading and responding to my post. When I enrolled in ATC in the marketing management program, fashion was the only-and still is-the concentration for that program. I decided that I would continue my education in Public Relations because its a broad field.

    Now, there is a fine line between Marketing and Public Relations; they both work hand-in-hand to promote, but there are some significant diffrence between the two. See examples

    deals primarily with product awareness and promotion

    Public Relations:
    deals with the company itself, being more concerned with the public's view of the company and their reputation

    Lastly, My true dream, well I have two. 1. To work for the NBA and 2. To own my own Event Planning Company