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I'm going to Blogalicious!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

                                          blogalicious conference badges 2015

Hey Girl, Hey! I'm doing the happy dance, because I am going to Blogalicious! This will be my very first blogging conference.  

I told myself that I will be attending a blogger conference this year, I didn't know which one, but I knew I would make every effort to attend this year, and then Blogalicious had an open call for their Social Squad (aka volunteers) and I was selected.

By volunteering a few hours a day with the Social Squad it gives me a full (free) access to the conference, all meals and swag bags for the 3-day weekend (retail value $199.) 

What a great way for me to experience my 1st blogger conference. Oh and how cool is this years theme #BYOE15 **Build Your Own Empire**

If you are a blogger have you attended a blogger conference? If so, do you have any tips for newbies? Are you a blogger that plan on attending Blogalicious?

Working out with Natural Hair

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hey girl Hey! If you workout and have natural hair like myself, then you may already know how difficult it is to get a good workout in while trying to preserve our natural hair.  

Right now, my workout regimen consist of steady pace of walking/running, but I expect that to pick up later, but in the meantime, what about my hair? Below are a couple of styles that helps me get by during my 60 minutes workout.


Braiding my hair helps me to preserve my braidsout style that I like to wear sometimes.

Puff all purpose Puff! I love my puff, there is simply no fuss with this hairstyle. A brush, elastic rubber band and edge control and out the door to work or my workout.

Free Curls

Another no fuss style....I just let my natural curls be free and add a headband. Simple! 

How do you preserve your hair during your workout?

Why I Blog

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hola! The last few days thoughts have been popping up in my head as I'm working my 9-5, "Why do I Blog?" Now I am not a writer by trade, but a few years back I wanted to pursue a career in Public Relations and I knew PR professionals do some writing and I wanted to to brush up on my writing and prepare myself for what was to come(writing)...kind of like being a few steps ahead of myself.

Here I am 5 years later from that thought and still not working in the Public Relations field, but I am still blogging. Why? I actually really come to enjoy blogging. Now my blog is not as big as other blogs-yet, but that is ok; my blog is my baby. 

Here are a few other reasons why I like to blog:

  1. It's free therapy. You can write until your heart is content 
  2. I have met, interacted and became friends with some great bloggers
  3. Great opportunities can come from blogging....i.e working with brands, collaborating with other bloggers etc...
  4. It's slowly helping me come out of my comfort zone
  5. Reading comments left by my readers
Looks like I will be blogging for a little while longer.

If you are a blogger, why do you blog? If you are not a blogger have you ever considered blogging?