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How to successfully go on a spending freeze

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Have you ever sat and thought about the amount of money you spend? Like for real just really sat back and thought..."hmmm, I had $50 dollars on me today,what did I spend it on?" I have these conversations almost every other two days-if not daily. So, for the month of October I am putting myself on a spending freeze-again. You can read about my first one I did in February here

During my spending freeze I will do the following:
-limit my spending at fast food restaurants to weekends only!
-no makeup purchase
-no hair product purchase

These 3 things I spend the most money on monthly. Dining out alone in one month I can spend close to...wait for it....$350. Yeah, crazy huh? I know and I don't like it one bit. 

My definition of a spending freeze is: A goal is set not to not spend money, for a certain amount of time on things you normally spend frivolously on. This is a great way to put the extra money in a savings account, travel account, or pay down a credit card.

How to successful go on a spending freeze:

1. Define what this spending freeze mean for you. Does that mean you won't spend money on your favorite makeup brand for that time frame? Does it mean you won't spend over $100 on entertainment for the month of the spending freeze? Does it mean you will not dine at a fast food restaurant during your work week? Just be clear on what this freeze means for you. 

2. Write it down! Write down the things you will limit your spending on and why. This will also help you to understand why the spending freeze helped you in the end. 

3. Grab a friend or two. While you're at it, bring a friend or two along with you on the spending freeze. Help one, help two to save money as well.

4. Stock up! If not eating out is on the list...go grocery shopping for the week. If not buying hair products..purchase some of your favorite things to get you through this period-but don't spend too much.

5. Look at all the money you saved. At the end of the spending freeze, look at your account. Do you see the difference from last month to this month with your savings?

Have you ever done a spending freeze? If not, will you consider doing one? If yes, how did it work for you?

Target Beauty Box-September

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hey girl, hey! Do you love Target like I do? If so, you are going to love them even more, because they have made my love for them grow fonder with their beauty box. 

Target Beauty Box is not a monthly subscription service, so that means when they create a box and add it to the site for sale, you have to purchase it right away, because these  babies sell out quick. I would know I missed out on a few of these in the past, but I did manage to get one for September. 

The beauty box is created from the aisles of Target with some of our favorite brands we use already or have been wanting to try. These items can be: makeup, hair products etc....

I'm especially excited for this box because it contains most of my favorite things that I currently use. Check it out....

Now I know you are much will this cost the pockets? Well this months box cost...**drum roll please** $5.00 and shipping is included! The retail value of this box is $19.00

Now for my pros and cons of the beauty box

Deluxe samples of items
Free Shipping

No exact day/month when the box will be available

You can order you a Target beauty box here

Inspiration: Home work space

Monday, September 21, 2015

Being a blogger it's important to have a nice home office or work space where the magic happens and that magic is...creating content for your blog!

I am often inspired by home office and work spaces that is simple & chic. My work space is so blah-right now. But I am working on that, which is the reason for this post today. Because, I'm no decorator by trade, I stalked Instagram in search of inspiration for my work space. 

I really like this room...the gold, white and wicker really contrast well together.

this look is very simple. I like the details of the wall art.

this look is simple, cute and girlie! 

Which one of these rooms inspire you?

**images via Instagram