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Dating: Black People Meet

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ok, so it's really no big secret that I am single and have been for quite some time now....and while the single life is great at times sometimes it can also be not so great. We all at some point want companionship of a man or woman.

In January my boy Eric and I was having a discussion with some friends of ours about the "single life" and in that discussion online dating came up. I was telling them how one of my best friends met her husband online and that I have another good friend (my lil sister) who met her now fiancee online (with my help). I then suggested that he and I should create an account on Black People Meet for 30 days and rate our experience since I knew a few people close to me who had some luck with online dating. He agreed but never set his account. The nerve of him, lol.  But I went ahead with what we discussed.

I wished I would have saved my money!!

My Experience/Review:

I was not proactive enough on the site for $23.95-yes, I said $23.95! I did download the app for the dating site, but I hardly went on there and the times I did there was always someone who messaged me that did nothing for me. Either there was no pic or no description so those two thing along eliminated quite a few people and after a couple of times of that In lost all interest.

This paid site works best for someone who are actively looking for a relationship and would put in the time that it takes. Actually, it will take more than 30 days, but 30 days was all I was willing to give on the site.

So needless to say...I didn't get to go on one date and I couldn't wait until February 17 arrived so that I would be done with Black People Meet.

Have you ever tried online dating? If not, would you give it a try?


Beauty: Black Lipsticks {Pagen Angel vs Haute Core}

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I have always heard you should play up your best features, so since my lips are one of them features, I always try to wear some of the hottest trending lip colors that is out. So, when I saw that Wet n' Wild came out with a black lipstick, I ran to the nearest Walgreens and purchased one. The MAC I received as a Christmas gift and boy was I happy, because I missed when it went on sale back in November.

These lippies are true black, but because my lip has pink in them these colors is not true, so I had to swatch it about 2-3 times to show the actual color.

My review:

Pagan Angel: This lipstick is a creme, so it will go on kinda shiny. Con: this lipstick bleeds. Pro: The price is right $2.99 for this baby.

HauteCore: This lipstick is a matte, so it will settle without a shine. Cons: It's limited edition only. It was available for one day only. Also, MAC lipsticks sell for around $16, this lipstick was selling for $17. Pros: The marketing strategy was brilliant. This lipstick was sold on "Black Friday" one of the biggest shopping days of the year and for one day only Yep, MAC broke the internet with this one here. This lipstick stays on for at least 5 hours before a reapply is needed.

Now that I have worn both multiple times, I must say that MAC's HauteCore is my favorite out of the two.

Were the lippies a yay or nay on me? Would you wear a black lippie?


No Spending Freeze {Natural Hair and Beauty Products}

Friday, February 6, 2015

Ladies let me tell you being a product junkie is real and I confess right now....I am a product junkie! I promise you at least every pay per period I am buying either some natural hair products or feeding my MAC or NYX cosmetics obsession. Then I realized...I have a problem and I need to get a grip, so I decided to put myself on a "No Spending Freeze" for the month of February. This way it gives me a chance to use products I already have and save some money.

Now you know I did not start this freeze without purchasing a few products I had been eyeing before February 1, right? Yeah, I had

These products total together were: $58.00

So, here I am 6 days into my "No Spending Freeze" and I have not had the urge to stalk browse any beauty or natural hair sites or had the urge to want to go buy anything. In a months time I can spend anywhere from $70-$100 or more. Yeah...crazy, I know!

I am looking forward to using what I have in my possession now...and let me tell you, I have plenty.

Can you relate to my obsessions? Have you gone on a spending freeze on something that you truly like?